Motul FIM World Superbike Championship

13 to 15 April 2018

The Superbike World Championship will arrive to MotorLand for the eighth year in a raw on April 13th, 14th and 15th. Come and enjoy the show!

  EARLY BIRD (until March 31st) REGULAR FARE (from April 1st)
PRICES 35 € 45 €


Tickets will have 5€ of surcharge at the box offices.

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MotorLand Welcome Center opening hours:
Monday – Thursday: 9:00h to 13:00h & 14:00h to 17:00h
Friday: 8:00h to 15:00h

For further information: o +34 978 835 548.

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For further information: - +34 978 835 548


  • In accordance with the Law 19/2007 of July 11, alcoholic drinks, drugs, narcotics or psychotropic substances are forbidden in the facilities during the event.
  • All the tickets are valid for 3 days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday).
  • All the tickets give access to grandstands 1 and 3, pelouse 6 and Paddock.
  • Under 14s and over 65s have free access by showing their ID/Passport at the public areas´ entrances. They don´t need to buy any ticket.
  • Minors must be always accompanied by an adult.
  • Tickets include a Pit Lane Walk and a ride on your own motorbike.
  • Parking for cars and motorbikes is free.
  • VAT included in the prices.
  • No changes or refunds accepted.
  • MotorLand won´t be held responsible for lost, stolen or destroyed tickets.
  • Public areas have video-surveillance systems.
Superbikes Circuit


Public Areas

Every ticket grants access to all grandstands and paddock.
See below the details of each area.

Finish Line:

Grandstands 1:
This grandstand is located in front of the finish line and the starting grid. The start of a race is the most important moment of a Motorbike Grand Prix. From this grandstand you can follow all the usual movement that takes place right before the race begins. You can watch mechanics and riders before the red light goes out and the show begins.

Grandstand 1c:
It is without a doubt one of the most spectacular ones in the circuit. The most important moment of a race is the start, and not less important are the few meters before the first turn. From this grandstand, located at the first turn of the course, you will enjoy the best overtaking maneuvers and the most intense braking that the MotorLand race track has to offer. Each lap is a battle and this war begins with the racing line of turn 1.


Experience MotorLand from the heart of the course. Grandstand 3b and 3c:
From grandstands 3b and 3c you can enjoy the blind braking point of turn 12 and see motorbikes pass in front of you at full throttle to the last centimeter as they ride through turn 13 and until they brake right before turn 14. In this part of the circuit the first braking point is just as important as managing to keep up in this setting of the course of MotorLand to be able to put distance between the rider and their rivals. Braking area of turn 14 should provide good overtaking maneuvers and riders over-braking that spectators will enjoy.


Pelouse 6:
After a good straight there's always a good braking with its following turn and in MotorLand the big braking is the one you can experience from General Admittance area 6. Not less than 1000 meters of downhill straight to start braking 250 meters before turn 16. A long left-hander turn which good racing line will allow riders to complete their best lap. If you want a good view of all of this as well as turns 16 and 17 and check out who is the last one to start braking and who plays it the riskiest, this is your area.

Which is the recommended area for disabled?

The recommended area for disabled is Grandstand 6, where there is an especially equipped zone for them and a companion (they both have to show their tickets). The access to this area (grandstand 6) is from Parking F. It is important to show the document that identifies oneself as disabled clearly and the ticket of the event in order to pass the security controls easier.

Frequently Asqued Questions

1. Where can I preview the location of the seats in the circuit?
The map with the locations of all the different grandstands is in the Tickets section Click here to download the map: (download the map)

2. How is MotorLand’s track course?
The course that will be used for the FIM Superbike World Championship will be the Grand Prix-FIM, of 5077 meters. It has a total of 17 turns with a disparity of 50 meters between its highest and lowest points. It also has a 1000 meters straight. Click here to download the course.

3. How do I get to the circuit?
There are different ways to get to the circuit:

If you are coming by plane, the closes airports are:
Zaragoza airport: 120 kilometers away from MotorLand. Their telephone number is +34 976 78 01 44. You can also contact them through email: ( and also through the webpage
Reus Airport: 132 kilometers away from MotorLand and their telephone number is: 34 977 77 98 32

If you are coming by train:
Caspe Station (RENFE): 28 kilometers away from MotorLand. Their telephone number is: +34 902 240 202 and the webpage is
Zaragoza Station (Delicias): 107 kilometers away from MotorLand. Their telephone number is +34 902 240 202. Web site

Bus Information:
Alcañiz Bus Station: +34 902 119 814.
Zaragoza (Delicias) Bus Station; +34 902 240202.

If you are coming by car, there are four different access points to MotorLand. First one is through N-232 road Vinaroz (Castellón) – Cabañas de Virtus (Burgos), second access point through N-211 Madrid-Alcañiz, third one through N-420 Montoro (Córdoba)-Reus (Tarragona) and the last one through AP2 Autobía del Nordeste Zaragoza-Fraga (access from Badajoz).

4. Where can I stay?
EIn our webpage you can find a section to look for accommodation.

5. How is the circuit’s surrounding area? Is it close to Alcañiz?
Our facilities are 5 kilometers away from Alcañiz town. The area has some high environmental value natural spaces such as the Estanca and Las Saladas. You can click on the following link for more information.

6. What are the recommended areas for disabled?
The recommended area for disabled is Grandstand 6. Download here.

7. Where are the WC and service areas?
All grandstands have a WC and service area. They are marked in our map. Click here to download the map.

8. Can I get to the circuit with animals?
No. The entrance with animals is forbidden, except guide dogs.

9. Can I get to the circuit with bottles and cans?
Only plastic bottles are permitted.

10. Can I get to the circuit with collapsible chairs and cool-boxes?
Yes. However, security staff will examine the cool-boxes to check there is not any forbidden

11. Can I move freely with my ticket all around the circuit?
Yes. There will be only one ticket type, that gives you access to every open grandstand and paddock.

12. Are there helmet parks at the circuit?
Yes, there will be two helmet parks. You can check its location in the map.

13. Additional information:

  • All the tickets are valid for Friday, Saturday and Sunday and give access to public areas and Paddock.
  • Tickets must be exchanged for passes at the circuit box offices.
  • People under 14 and over 65 have free access to public areas and Paddock by showing the ID card/passport at the entrance.
  • Minors must be always accompanied by an adult.
  • Tickets give access to a Pit Lane Walk and a ride on your own motorbike.
  • Free parking for both cars and motorbikes.
  • All prices include VAT.
  • No refunds accepted.
  • MotorLand won´t be held responsible for lost, stolen or destroyed tickets.


Fan Zone and Paddock Show

From Friday to Sunday, MotorLand's Aragón paddock will be full of activity. Fans will find multiple attractions in the Fanz Zone and Paddock Show. Riders will share moments with the fans. Post-race conversations, autograph signings... There will also be a lot of humor and complicity. Exhibition of motorcycles, narrations of the races or broadcasts radio programs will be other ingredients of the interesting program of activities that all fans who come to MotorLand Aragón can enjoy.


Pit lane walk

MotorLand will hold two pit lane walks, one on Saturday and another on Sunday, during the celebration of the Motul FIM World Superbike Pirelli Aragón Round. Fans will have the opportunity to visit the teams boxes. The activity will start on Saturday from 15:40h and on Sunday from 10:25h. Fans must go before to the Box 25 to pick the pass of the activity. Access to the pit lane will be in the paddock, next to the Box 25.


Get into the track with your own motorbike!

Dowload the entry form!

  • To participate, it is compulsory to have the sticker that gives access to the track. These stickers will be available at the box offices during the weekend. You just have to show your ticket and fill out the disclaimer to get your sticker.
  • We recommend not to put the sticker until Sunday.
  • Everyone getting to the track, must wear the appropriate clothing: leather trousers and jacket (1 or 2 pieces), gloves and authorized helmet.
  • The activity is taking place on Sunday after the races. Access will be for parking E, so we recommend people interested in this activity to park in this parking or as near as possible.
  • The organization reserves the right of admission.
  • Wheelies, skids or uncivilized behaviors that could endanger the security of participants are forbidden. The organization reserves the right to cancel the event if these behaviors take place.
  • This activity is not a competition, but a recreational one to enjoy the track in a safe way.
  • The activity consists of two laps at a controlled speed, with organization´s vehicles ahead of and behind the motorcycles.
  • The pilots must be in possession of the driving license. Security Forces will watch over this. The pillion passenger must be 16 as minimum.
  • Registered pilots declare that they are subject to the regulations and they commit to follow the security staff and organization instructions during the event.
  • The undersigned, his/her heirs and legal representatives, release the organizers from every civil or penal responsibility as a result of or in connection with its presence in this event, as well as for any damage suffered or caused, not covered by the insurance policies contracted, and he/she agrees not to sue and hold harmless the organizer, the
  • Circuit and any other entity connected with the organization of the event.
  • The undersigned commits to prevent someone else to use his/her vehicle without previous consent of the organizer.
  • The organizer warns about the danger that means the use of stimulants, medicines, alcoholic drinks and/or any other substances that could affect the driver´s behavior (or his/her pillion passenger´s) or reduce his/her driving faculties. In case of have taken this kind of substances, the pilot must abstain from using his/her motorcycle in this event. Driving under the influence of these substances can cause injuries or even death.
  • The undersigned is fully conscious of the risks and the consequences arising from his/her participation in this activity, and takes responsibility for them voluntarily.
  • Inappropriate or reckless behaviors will be punished by the organizer by the exclusion of the event.


Motorbike Tours in the Lower Aragón region

There will be different motorbike tours around the Lower Aragón Region. The two-wheelers enthusiastic will find incredibles landscaped in solitary roads.


Have fun in the Karting Circuit

The International Karting Circuit will be open from Thrusday to Sunday (9:00h to 13:00h and 14:00h to 18:00h).

More info:


Accreditation Center Schedule (New Location)

  • Thursday: 9:30h - 18:00h
  • Friday: 8:00h - 18:00h
  • Saturday: 8:00h - 18:00h
  • Sunday: 8:00h - 14:00h

Media Center Schedule

  • Thursday: 9:00h - 21:00h
  • Friday: 8:00h - 22:00h
  • Saturday: 8:00h - 23:00h
  • Sunday: 8:00h - XXXXX
Accreditation Center Map



Por motivos de seguridad no se permite la entrada en este recinto con animales domésticos, bebidas alcohólicas, armas, u otros objetos que puedan usarse como tales; latas, botellas de vidrio, bengalas, fuegos de artificio o artefactos peligrosos para la integridad física de las personas, ni exhibir pancartas, símbolos, emblemas o leyendas que impliquen incitación a la violencia. Tampoco se permitirá la entrada a quienes puedan estar bajo los efectos de bebidas alcohólicas, estupefacientes, psicotrópicos o sustancias análogas.

Campeonato del Mundo Motul FIM de Superbikes